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The History Of Battlefield Part 4: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

August 20, 2017

The History Of Battlefield Part 4: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Lock and load as we take a look at another game in the popular Battlefield series. Did you know that our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers can give you the ultimate edge and make Battlefield even more fun?

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (2005)

PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360 (2006)

By 2005, console gamers were desperate to get in on the Battlefield action (which nearly happened with Battlefield Vietnam) but it would take until 2005’s Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for this to happen. Originally the game was released on PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. But in 2006 an enhanced port of the game with improved visuals and a little more content was released for the Xbox 360. It was said a port for the PlayStation Portable was also in development, but this was canceled.

DICE really did a lot of work on the single player mode of Modern Combat. The story was set around a war that was taking place between China and NATO. The story was very well written and while not super long, it was fun and at the time it was very well received with some people buying the game and only really playing the campaign.

DICE did give console gamers some online action. The PlayStation 2 and original Xbox both offered Conquest and Capture The Flag modes. While the multiplayer was not as in depth as what PC offered at the time. People did not complain and the game was a huge success with servers not being fully shut down until over a decade after the game was released!

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was a very well received game on the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox. It showed that there was still a little life left in these consoles yet, even though the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were ready to replace them. 

The History Of Battlefield Part 3: Battlefield 2

August 18, 2017

The History Of Battlefield Part 3: Battlefield 2

Check out the latest installment in our history of Battlefield series. A series of games that our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers make even more awesome!

Battlefield 2 (2005) PC

DICE really outdid themselves with Battlefield 2 and many still regard it as one of the best games in the series. To start with they made many gameplay changes that really did emphasize the whole squad and team based gameplay that the series had become known for. With more classes, vehicles and the ability to create your own six man squad so that you can really work as a cohesive unit. Battlefield 2 was one of the most popular first person shooters online when it was released.

While DICE really stepped up the gameplay, the presentation as well saw a major facelift. Battlefield 2 looked incredible with better detail on the maps, characters and lighting effects that just blew people away. It was at this time people really started to take note of how DICE made such great looking games, a trend that continues to this day.

Battlefield 2 also featured a single player campaign that was set during a new World War that saw the China, the USA, Russia, and the EU coming to a head. It was actually very well received and proved that DICE could handle a great single player campaign alongside a fully loaded multiplayer.

Battlefield 2 was a monster of a game. It sold a ton of copies and would go on to be one of the best reviewed games of 2005. EA would support it with three different expansion packs, Special Forces, Euro Force and Armored Fury. 

The History Of Battlefield Part 2 Battlefield Vietnam

August 15, 2017

The History Of Battlefield Part 2: Battlefield Vietnam

We are back with another look back at the history of Battlefield. If you love Battlefield as much as we do then check out our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers which will make you a Battlefield master!

Battlefield Vietnam (2004) PC

Once again there would be no console release for Battlefield with DICE and EA once again deciding to just stick to PC. Battlefield Vietnam had gamers very excited as the Vietnam War was not something that many games tackled back then or even now for that matter. Due to the success and popularity of Battlefield 1942 and its expansions, all eyes were on Battlefield Vietnam.

DICE decided to not reinvent the wheel and Battlefield Vietnam offered the same kind of gameplay. Teams would have to win points on the map so that they could have teammates and vehicles spawn in which will help them on their road to victory. Different classes play a major role and having each member of your team actually playing their class properly will often be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Vietnam War setting made for some fantastic visuals and for some very interesting maps. Even more interesting was that playing as the USA or as Vietnam resulted in having very different weapons and vehicles which were really cool. DICE did all they could to make Battlefield Vietnam feel as authentic as they possibly could and from all the positive reviews the game received, they did a fantastic job.

Interestingly Battlefield Vietnam, despite its popularity was not heavily supported with expansion packs or booster packs like the next few installments would be. You could speculate that this is because EA decided that Battlefield was now one of their flagship franchises and would now see an annual release. 

The History Of Battlefield Part 1 Battlefield 1942

August 15, 2017

The History Of Battlefield Part 1: Battlefield 1942

Battlefield is one of our favorite series when it comes to first person shooters. That is why we make sure our modded PS4 controllers,modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers are the best when it comes to Battlefield. This is the start of our series looking back at the history of Battlefield.

Battlefield 1942 (2002) PC

The first game in the Battlefield series was released in 2002. The game was developed by DICE and published by EA. The game was heavily hyped and many were seeing it as a Medal Of Honor killer and many also were more focused on this than 2003’s upcoming, Call Of Duty. The early 00’s would see many first person shooters come on the scene, trying to be dominant and win gamers over. It is more than fair to say that the first Battlefield certainly did this.

Gamers loved how Battlefield required you to work as a team in order to be really good. In order to hold points of a map in multiplayer, teams would have to work together and make sure that each person made certain to play the role that their class was suited to. This did not put shackles on the shooting action but instead added more of a strategic element to it which people loved and it was relatively new at the time.

Battlefield was a huge commercial and critical success. EA would support the game with two expansions, The Road To Rome and Secret Weapons Of World War II. Interestingly, these two expansions came at the expense of an original Xbox port of Battlefield 1942. The game may seem lacking in content by today’s standard, but Battlefield 1942 set the stage for what would become one of the biggest first person shooter series of all time. 

The History Of Zombies In Call Of Duty Part 8: WWII

August 11, 2017

The History Of Zombies In Call Of Duty Part 8: WWII

We have a lot of plans for our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers when it comes to Call Of Duty WWII, especially with the Zombies mode! But we wanted to end our history of Zombies mode with a preview of what Call Of Duty WWII has to offer.

Call Of Duty WWII: Zombies

Activision is taking Call Of Duty back to the trenches with WWII and fans could not be any more excited. One thing that has gotten all of us COD fans stoked is the Zombies mode.

It is set in a creepy and snowy Bavarian village where your team has been sent to reclaim some expensive works of art. You uncover a dark, sinister and just downright evil plot that involves the Nazis bringing soldiers back from the dead! This is something that is a bit of an urban legend as some historians have said that Hitler dabbled in the occult!

While we do not know a whole lot about the core gameplay. We do know that like the other Zombies modes it is made for people to work as a team. The better you work as a team the better chance you have of survival.

The main thing that has gotten people really excited is that this is not goofy like some of the past Zombie modes. It is straight up horror and Activision has said that it is going to be scary and full of jump scares which will make it even more intense. As you can see from the early screenshots of some of the zombies, they are really creepy and just flat out gross! We think that Call Of Duty WWII is taking Zombies mode in a whole new direction and we are very excited (and a little scared) to be a part of it. 

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